Damasco Resort (lot)

Nafl. 350.000,- k.k.

Damasco Resort owes its name to the former plantation Damasco, better known under the name of Jan Thiel. The word plantation is actually peculiar to use in this instance since there was never anything actually planted, however the main source of income was harvesting of salt from the salt pans.

Jan Thiel is an area of the island ideal for comfortable living, recreation, and spending the holidays. The area stands out for its excellent infrastructure with pedestrian and cyclist-friendly roads.

This resort and in particular this property is located right at an access point into a lovely nature trail while stretches all the way to the coastline and surrounds the salt pans.

Drive by and through the resort to have an understanding for grand residential development which it is undergoing and you will soon understand the beauty and value behind this piece of land.
The resort consists of 140 lots with an average lot size of 550 m2, however this land stands out from the rest offering no less than 1711m2.

  • 1711m2 property
  • Very good located in the resort: sufficient wind, wonderfull view to the JanThiel Salt lakes, caribbean Sea, tafelberg
  • Nice big lot.
Nafl. 350.000,- k.k.  /  Euro. 185.000,- k.k.  /  U$ 195.600,- b.c.

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