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Landhuis Ronde Klip

Nafl. 5.750.000,= k.k.

The best maintained and widely loved Landhuis on Curacao has now come on the market to find itself a loving and passionate new owner. Built in the 18th century, today the estate measures 18,330 square meters. The landhuis is designated as a protected monument. This monument was built in different periods. Striking example is the neoclassical portico with pediment supported by six Tuscan columns. The plantation Ronde Klip was already mentioned in the archives in 1734 and in the 19th century it was even the second largest plantation in eastern Curacao. It was well-known for its cattle farming. The animal corrals are still present today. In 2002 the estate has been restored to its full glory saving it from ruin. It took one year for the owners with help from IMD design ( Anko van der Woude) , Betonbouw and Monumentenzorg to fix the job. A beautiful piece of the rich history of Curacao is fortunately herewith saved for future generations! The majestic landhuis described: The kitchen is situated on the South west side (left side) of the building as it is in many old manors. So the north east wind can take the smells of the kitchen away from the rest of the landhuis. The designer kitchen is fully equipped with a large American fridge, stove, oven & dishwasher. Of course the original stove in the back is renovated. The living room and official dining room are situated adjacent to the kitchen and the covered patio. The walls are extra thick since they consist out of two layers of coralstone with mud in between. Like the rest of the house it only needs a tip on the Ipad or smartphone to turn on TV, airco & lights… When you take the grand wooden stairs you enter the new part of the estate in the back and you can enter the old part in the front. The master suite, in the old part, features, besides an enormous walk in closet, a bathroom with walk in shower, 2 toilets and 2 washbasins. A lovely outside gallery surrounds the suite. The four other bedrooms are tastefully situated in the new building. This part is connected with the main building and is therefore conveniently located on the same level as the master suite. The four bedrooms share two connecting bathrooms. On the other end of the covered patio on the main floor you will find a large family room or study. There is an extra study in the back of the room. In front of the covered area you will find the large terrace from where you have a magnificent view on the island. The old “magasina” on the right side of the estate has been restored into guest quarters and features two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. The pool ( 12 x 5 meters) and tenniscourt are privately located in between the Landhuis and the Magasina. At the entrance of the estate you will find the manager’s house. It consists of a cozy patio, 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, indoor living room and a kitchen. It has its own entrance and a private garden. The Landhuis has been fully restored and many details are still original, like the fogon in the kitchen ( breadstove) that is from the 18th century. Thanks to the newly attached features the Landhuis is ready for the next centuries as a residence, a boutique hotel or a classy office. Terrain: 18.330 sq. meters Buildings: Landhuis with new extension, carport (2x), old toilet building, magasina, generator house, building materials depot, manager’s house Extra amenities: Pool and tennis court. Technical specifications: The owners have made some excellent choices, making it possible to centrally control lighting. Furthermore, a “service tunnel” underneath the mansion is an excellent way to reach those otherwise hard to reach places. Recently the Curacao specials Innotech installed a state of the art home automation system, starting with fully automated lighting control, which makes it possible to control lights from a touchscreen or smart device. Since the system is aware of its location and the corresponding sunset and sunrise, evening lights turn on daily before sunset, and off when it’s time for bed, leaving on only energy saving outdoor lighting at night. A great way of combining convenience and energy savings. They installed several Wi-Fi access points, all hard wired to the high speed centralized internet connection. In the central technical room, an HDMI switch has been installed, making it possible to share several sources to all televisions in the home. This way, one Apple TV or other media device can be used on all TV’s in the house. Watching a movie in one room? Just pause and continue in the other. No need for an extra television subscription for that one room rarely used to watch TV. Combining two high definition IP cameras with a intercom, the owner can see who’s at the gate on the touch panel, PC or smart phone. Not only when at home, but from anywhere in the world; away from home while someone is at the gate? Communicate and open the gate from anywhere in the world. Network connected (both wired and Wi-Fi) telephones can be plugged in anywhere in the world, and used as a local extension. In a monument of this stature, it’s important to preserve its authenticity as much as possible. The TV room, for example, is equipped with a large mirror that houses a 75” high definition television. When not in operation, the television completely disappears, leaving only a large mirror behind. All sources are centrally controlled by the home automation system, and a centrally located HDMI switch makes sure all sources are available on every TV in the house. As you can see this Landhuis from the 18th century is ready for centuries to come!

  • 18.333 m2  
  • 800 m2 build  
  • 9 bedrooms  
  • 6 bathrooms  
  • walkin closet  
  • modern full equipped kitchen  
  • tenniscourt  
  • swimmingpool  
  • seperate apartment  
  • seperate guard house

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